Emmy Nominations 2017: The winners and the losers

Emmy awards and nomination is a premium role and it is what many people all over the world look up to. This year “Westworld” and “Saturday Night Live” led the 2017 Emmy nominations. Unfortunately, many think that this year’s Emmy nominations show American psyche which is difficult to explain.

In the drama category, it is clear that “Westworld”, the “The Handmaid’s Tale and the “This Is Us as well as the “Stranger Things”, were at the top of the list. However, critiques have expressed that they have to differ with this because of various reasons which are not clear.

Winners and Losers in the Emmy Nominations Improvement List

Just below HBO was Netflix. Netflix surprisingly rose to the top of the list this year at the Emmy nominations. This could be because it is expected to form a collision or collaboration with HBO next year, if that is the plan. On the other hand, the Premium Cable Network has shown how good it can gallop and double the tally of its closest rival FX.

It is however unfortunate that Netflix dropped by 20% and there is a need for GoT to help HBO for it to stay on top of the list. The main gainer this year, against the odds, is Hulu.

Hulu was lucky to appear on the Emmy nomination platform last year. Its improvement has been attributed to special writing, such as Triumph’s Election Special, as well as for its special visual effects.

‘Rights’ and ‘Wrongs’ of Emmy Nominations 2017

Other entities which appeared on the Emmy nominations include: The Good Fight, The Good Wife, Modern Family, Black-Ish and This Is Us. The happenings at Emmy nominations have brought about the analysis on what Emmy nominations got right and what they got wrong. Considering that voters are the determinants, it is clear that “Westworld” and “This Is Us” appeared to be what many expected to be on the list. You can also watch Emmy nominations live on the web.

According to Tim Goodman, “I honestly thought Emmy voters made a huge leap last year…” is a true reflection of the fact that this year Emmy nominations had various wrongs and rights. The principle of “Nominate 10 Shows” has also made other unhappy about the nomination process, but it is clear that they have to go on with it.