How to become your own role model?

Often people imagine others as their ultimate role model. They ape their mannerisms, lifestyle, dressing and almost everything that can be easily done by them. Initially, undoubtedly it works and one feels elated but slowly the charm frizzles out. After reading a lot of biography’s, books and articles only one conclusion I’ve drawn. You can only be the best version of yourself. No one else understands and can live better for you other than you yourself. So where does it all starts, let’s see them step by step?

Set Your Own Standards: It is a must to hold a benchmark for all your do and don’ts. There has to be some accountability of all the decision and actions you take. Take the full responsibility for the decisions and actions taken by you. Standards should be in conjunctions with the morals, values, and ethics you believe and practice in.

Be Realistic: Don’t parade all about your values and ethics. Yes, they are to be followed and imbibed but at the same entwine your rules around the life situation which are realistic. Do not imagine thin out of the box or some farfetched dreamland. Staying grounded and closer to the reality makes things less complicated and subtle in nature.

Set Right Examples: Not for others but for yourself and for your family. Don’t behave as if you are being scrutinized all the time and being observed under some camera. Be YOU and lead by example in all life situations. Always remember it is the mark you make today and your kids will follow it tomorrow. Thus setting right goals, realistic examples for yourself and other members of the family goes for a long-lasting love and harmony in relationships.

Eat Healthily and Exercise: Inculcating a healthy lifestyle has manifold benefits. It will improve health condition along with the mood. Indulging in outdoor sports, swimming, cycling, and exercising will also encourage kids to follow the stream. Healthy food being laid on the table will cut down on medical bills. Remove junk and fast food from the plate indulge in timely healthy eating habits.

Admit and Apologise: Making mistakes is a human behavior but to admit and apologize is not everyone’s forte. But to set the right example it is not a bad idea to admit your mistake about the decisions you took. Apologise for the actions you have taken it will make relations more transparent and approachable. Brings clarity and love in the family or in any relationship builds trust and faith. It clears the burden from your mind, soul, and heart and makes the life easier without carrying the burden of any guilt. It is never too late to be your own role model.