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Metrotainment.net was created with the intentions of sharing Hollywood news & rumors with Entertainment industry followers. The site exclusively features stories from movie & television industry and people associated with the same. Started in Jan 2017, since then we are committed to providing first-hand genuine movie reviews, celebrity news, and Hollywood happenings as they take place.

Allen Parker, our founder, started the portal on his own around six months ago, now constitutes the team of six entertainment industry specialists. The details of our full staff are available on our team page.

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This site is strictly for informational and entertainment purposes and is in no way affiliated with any product, brand, or topic covered on the site. It also claims no rights to the trademarks featured or mentioned on the website.

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Rumors are based on the tips given by the sources. Sometimes they can be true and sometimes they can’t be. We try our best to verify the authenticity but we are not able to verify them in every case.

Can I work for you?

We very occasionally have job openings we’re looking to fill. See the jobs page for details. It updates as new openings become available. We are not currently accepting pitches from new freelancers.

Our advertisers wanted (read: demanded) to buy “sponsored posts,” so we started offering them. Since digital advertising is what keeps The A.V. Club rolling, we’re sure you’ll understand.

We’ll never try to fool you into reading sponsored content. These posts will be clearly labeled so that those who’d like to will be able to easily avoid them. There will be boxes around those stories, and the words “sponsored content” (or the equivalent) will appear near them.

We understand if you don’t want to click on them, though they’ll be written by staff and freelancers in such a way that hopefully, you can get something out of them (beyond sweet, sweet brand awareness). If something is not labeled “sponsored post,” it means that relationship doesn’t exist. If we happen to write about movies inspired by Die Hard the week that Die Hard 5 comes out, that’s just us being timely.

Occasionally an advertiser will sponsor entire sections or series. We do not consider this a sponsored post—they just want to be around our idea because it’s awesome. Advertisers do not get any editorial input on these content packages.

Another way we distinguish sponsored posts from regular posts is by disabling comments. There are arguments to be made on both sides of this, but let’s just say it’s easier, and that Frank Sennett makes some really good points about it (and everything else related to sponsored posts) in this article.

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