Home remedies to remove tan permanently

Summers are fun at beaches, parks, zoo, picnics, long walks, swimming and so much more. The dark shade of skin that appears after all that fun is like it’s burnt in the sun and is so unwelcomed. From grandma to mom and friends there are whole lot of experts giving you advices to bring that complexion and glow back to your skin. Keep you worry at bay; there are simple quick home remedies to get rid of tan easily.  Below mentioned are some basic ingredients working like a magic combinations for all ages and skin types.

  1. Milk and lemon juiceone tablespoon of each. Mix it well; the milk will change its texture. Apply this on affected area and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with cold water. You can use this concoction every day. After two weeks see the remarkable change in tone and texture of your skin. Lactose in milk is a moisturising agent and citric acid in lemon removes the tan and dead cells of the skin.
  2. Cucumber pulp/juice, lemon juice and rosewater to be mixed one tablespoon each. Direct application on face and neck for 15-20 minutes or before bathing. Rinse it with cold water. Gives a refreshing rejuvenating look to all day tired skin.
  3. Bengal gram and yogurt two tablespoon of each blended well. It becomes a thick paste and sticks well to the skin. Leave it on until dry followed by rinsing with cold water. This pack gives amazing results to oily, acne, pimple prone skin. Lactic acid in yogurt removes tan and dead cells.  Lactose of milk nourishes the skin. Bengal gram absorbs dirt, dead skin and access oil.
  4. Charoli seed (8-10 nos) and milk to be soaked overnight. Make a thick paste and apply in the affected area. After drying moisten your hands in water and massage it in circular motions. Charoli seeds have essential skin revitalising oils and vitamins and milk becomes moisturising base. This paste can be made and kept in a tight bottle in the fridge. Can lasts up to ten days, regular usage can remove sun tan instantly.
  5. Tomato and lemon juice in equal measure to be applied on skin tanned areas. Massage it in circular motion, due to the pungentness present in both the ingredients skin if dry will get itchy. But in few seconds it will subside. Don’t worry it has no side effects. This concoction is super effective in removing sun tan permanently.
  6. Sandalwood and rosewater are skin soothing and calming agents. They form a thick paste, smell too good and can be applied daily. Keep sandalwood powder, put 2-3 tablespoon of rosewater in it. Apply in the affected area, let it dry and wash it off with cold water. It leaves your skin supple, fresh and smelling good.
  7. Aloevera pulp/gelis easily available online and in stores. You can apply the gel before going out in the sun as a sunscreen. Pulp can be applied in the form of pack for 20-30 minutes. Its antiseptic properties will heal the skin from any inflammation and make the skin soft like a baby.
  8. Potato pulp/juice can be drawn by grating or grinding the raw potato. The starch present in the potato is a skin lightening agent. Its bland nature will not tingle your skin. Apply and leave it on for few minutes. Wash it with cold water. This can be applied as a bleaching, non toxic natural agent daily.
  9. Orange juice and yogurtare widely used in salons as well for fruit punch packs. Orange juice is a very good rejuvenator for skin, vitamin C in it is very useful and sourness of yogurt helps in removing tan instantly. This pack is harmless can be made and refrigerated. Apply this daily and feel and smell good.
  10. Green teahas so many benefits attached to it. We all know its anti oxidant properties. Consumption of green tea regularly can regulate your bowel, better sleep, less caffeine intake, reduces weight and many more. Green tea used leaves work very well on skin as a mask to remove tan.
  11. Saffron powder/strands and milk to be soaked overnight and applied in the morning in affected areas. Saffron for ages been used as by cosmetic industry as a miracle ingredient.
  12. Buttermilk and oatmeal pack to be soaked and blended together in equal measures. Will form a thick sticky paste. Apply it for 30 minutes and remove by massaging in circular motions. This pack can be stored in fridge and used on daily basis.

Tan removal treatment is available in salons from skin peeling to sun tan removal packages suiting your budget and convenience. Check salons offering these with expert advice and services.