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Tom Brokaw Reinforces Megyn Kelly’s Interview With Alex Jones

NBC News has engaged Tom Brokaw to provide an olive branch to the argument of the parents of the elementary school, Sandy Hook, in which the children were massacred in 2012. Megyn Kelly’s interview with the controversial Alex Jones was aired on Sunday night. Brokaw brought an editorial that wrapped up the program echoing the defense of the interview that many people didn’t want it to be broadcasted.

Kelly commenced the interview with Jones by addressing the controversy that has surrounded the interview. She stated that many people didn’t want the program to be aired on the channel because Jone’s allegations are both offensive and scandalous on the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre. She continued to add that Alex Jones is not going anywhere any time soon and the interview will go on as planned.

Kelly supported the justification of the interview stating that Alex Jones is a star with many listeners and even has the ear of the president. The interview prompted a lot of resentments especially from the people of Connecticut, where the incidence occurred that left about 20 school going children and other six adults were shot dead by a gunman.

The local NBC branch in Connecticut where the shooting happened refused to air or comment on the interview. Brokaw stated in his speech that he feels for the parents of the victims and that the pain they are undergoing cannot be felt by anyone else who didn’t encounter the loss of the loved ones directly. He urged the people not to allow some agents of doom to destroy the life of the innocent and go unpunished.

Jones has in the past questioned the ‘official story’ surrounding the Sandy Hook massacre and argued that a political cover-up must have been involved. His theory has been criticized by many people who claim that Jones has mercilessly ridiculed the families of the victims. Though Jones statement on the incident faced a lot of emotions of anger from the public, it seems to have made the headlines on NBC news highlights regardless of the victim’s outcry.