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Mathew Knowles, Father To Beyonce, Confirms That The Top Singer Was Lucky To Give Birth To Twins Have Twins

Mathew Knowles has revealed that Beyonce has given birth to her twins. Mathew is Beyonce’s father but that isn’t enough to convince the celebrity’s enormous fan base that it is indeed. In fact, a number of the celebrity’s fans are angry and say it would have been much better if the top singer announced the news herself.

Beyonce is married to top rapper Jay- z and has over the years produced top music that has won the hearts of many. Irreplaceable is one of the hits that have made her popular though, while still performing with destiny’s child she was able to make a name for herself in the industry.

The news about her siring twins has shocked a lot of her fans and will most probably be the most followed on twitter for a long time. It is beyond any reasonable cloud of doubt that indeed Mathew Knowles is happy to have grandchildren. That is quite evident from the tweets he has been tweeting recently.

The world is looking forward to see how things turn out for the celebrity couple. The child of course brings a number of changes to the life of anyone, and how well Jay- z fits in the fatherly role and how Beyonce embraces motherhood is a topic that is currently culminating into numerous heated debates.

Beyonce’s husband Jay Z, according Eonline.com has been making plans to release his thirteenth solo album on June 30th, and of course we know what to expect from this popular star. Not much has been coming to the limelight about the relationship and affair of this couple. What was mostly covered by social media was their career and with the birth of the twins, that might just change.

Most probably, the twins might strengthen the bond between the couple. Well, this is going by what has been unfolding with the other married celebrities that have been lucky to have children together. It goes without saying that Beyonce will need to take some time off to concentrate on her twins. Whether or not she will continue with music afterwards is something we will just have to wait and see.