Best streaming shown to Binge these summers.

Kid’s exams are over and summer break has started. Weather doesn’t allow us to venture for long into the sun. The entire morning running, Tiffin making and chaos with tantrums is over. It is your favourite time of the year to go timeless, boundless, stress free and carefree. What’s best other than to watch your favourite show on TV with family or solo?  Enjoy your bowl of popcorn and snacks with something to sip best thing to relieve you from bundled up stress. Here is the list of top TV shows intriguing viewers with its storyline and acting.

Sherlock: is a detective crime television series based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel Sherlock Homes. You can watch Benedict Cumberbatch with a suave in solving tricky criminal cases with ease. He is delight to watch in each role played so far.

The Good Witch: It is a story of a good witch who resides in a small town with her kids. Whole town comes to her for luck and advice. There comes a twist in the tale when a Doctor visits her for advice. Story is gripping full of drama, romance, suspense and lots of fun. It’s one of those feel good thing to watch.

Drop Dead Diva: Show is multi faceted showing flavours of legal drama, comedy and fantasy. Tune in to watch the story of a model dies in a car crash and later finds herself in the body of an intelligent fat lawyer. She is trying to find the meaning of inner beauty amongst the black coat bearers. If you like to watch legal cases with a dash of humour and suave; this is your show.

Stranger Things: Show is named appropriately as it deals with science fiction, paranormal activities, horror, supernatural and periodic drama. Hawkins town inhabitants have left because of the harm caused to them due to research and experiments taking place in the field of paranormals. It is very gripping, heart pulsating and popular amongst kids.

Grey’s Anatomy: is available on both Netflix and television. Show is popular amongst doctors as the story is of Meredith Grey with her traumatic past as a surgical intern. Story is entwined around her as a free bird medical intern to a serious surgeon and now a widow and mother of three kids. It is a romantic drama with lots of medical terms usage and real life situation depiction.

Dexter: This show has a very tight grip on audience in terms of moral judging and the main character goes through a series of emotions. Story has good dose of dark drama, crime, mystery, psychological thriller and dark comedy. Dexter unemotionally keeps killing people in all series with lots of skill. Victims are the ones with negative character. Watch it to find out, if Dexter was right or wrong in his doings.

Crown: If you are fan of history this periodic drama is your favourite show. Show is a biopic based on reigns of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. If you are a lover of classics and wish to flip through the life and years of United Kingdom’s queen. You must watch to get the complete picture and life of the queen.

Game of Thrones: One of the most popular series of the television history has telecasted seven seasons so far. Most intriguing show to watch the dragons, knights, kings, white walkers, kingdoms, wars and a very strong story to follow. Story is currently on pre production stage of the eight and the last season. Show followers are waiting with a baiting breath and hope that the wait is worthwhile. Show is only for adults due to unabashed nudity depiction.

Start your binge watch now with the season one….Happy watching.

Teen wolf: Want to revive your old teen fantasies, then this show is a must watch. Story is based on group of teens turning into werewolves to save the world. It has all the important ingredients of supernatural, comedy, drama, romance and horror. It is one of the popular shows amongst teens and a topic for gossip session on whatsApp/twitter groups.

The Terror: Show is based on bestselling novel of 2007 with the same name Terror by Dan Simmons. Story revolves around British Royal Navy Capt. Sir John Franklin, whom everbody likes but does not respect. He is due for retirement with an uneven choppy career. His desire is to retire with honour and prestige urges him to discover and take the forbidden route of Northwest Passage. His ambition pushes his crew to extinction and survival difficulties. They are frozen, isolated and stuck at the end of the world. Franklin has to turn the table around to make himself victorious. Watch this nail biting series glued on sofa with something to munch.