Bachelor in Paradise Scandal Takes New Turn

The Warner Bros. recently released a statement on the ongoing investigation at the Bachelor in Paradise revealing that the process has come to a conclusion and that there is no leading evidence on the alleged misconduct. The report on the investigation has ended the speculations that have continuously spread across the world about the assumed misconduct between DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios that led to the indefinite closure of the film production in Mexico.

Several former members of the Bachelor Nation were more concerned that there is something critical being ignored in the whole scandal. An unknown source has disclosed to PEOPLE that Jackson was unfairly targeted in the whole controversy and the underlying problem is more about Jackson being a black man and Olympios is a white woman. The scandal unveils the racial injustices that continue to evolve even in this modern world.

Both Jackson and Olympios have already issued their statements and sort the legal representatives with Jackson stating that his character and name ‘has been assassinated’ while Olympios claiming she’s a ‘victim’.

According to the Warner Bros., the videotape of the incident does not indicate any alleged misconduct that led to the suspension of the production. The statement reveals that the film will resume soon but some changes will be implemented on the policies and procedures of the show to ensure the safety and security of the participants.

The great news brings some light to the future career of the victims and especially Jackson whose character has been tainted. Some people believe the accusations were really unwarranted and unjust to the young man who is just starting his career. Hopefully, he will recover from the scandal and continue with his life regardless of the bad image he has encountered.

Throughout the period of investigations, Jackson has remained in high spirits and confident that his ruined reputation will soon be cleared. From the investigations, the truth has been revealed and it’s now confirmed that Jackson was actually accused falsely and the reports that have gone viral especially in the social media were all rumors to dampen the young man’s career prospects.