Rick and Morty Season 3 to Finally Return in July

Co-creators of cartoon series Rick and Morty, Roiland and Dan Harmon have announced that the series would return Sunday, July 30. The creators in a live stream on live-stream Thursday night announced the release date of the highly acclaimed TV series.

 Roiland was quoted as saying “Yeah, we did it, we pulled it off. We pulled it off. We f—in’ did it. Guys, right on time! Right on time!” The news of the release date of the hit TV series which is to air on Adult Swim could come as a sign of relief to fans who have been anticipating the release of the third instalment for quite some time.

According to the creators, the new season whose thriller was released alongside the release date would feature the cast in their characteristic mannerism that they have been known to possess throughout the show. The producers also told fans to expect the introduction of Pickle Rick in Mad Max: Fury like plot. They also made assertions as to the release of the fourth seasons but fans would hope this doesn’t take as long as the third.

Season 2 of the hit series wrapped up in 2015 which means the latest season is coming 2 years after the release of the last one. Harmon had a few days earlier gone on a twitter rant voicing his discontent about the delay in the release. In a series of revealing twist the producer explained that the third instalment is dragging because it took too long to write and because producers wanted to do a better job than season 1 and 2. He also dispelled rumours that the delay in the release was occasioned by a feud between him and Roiland.

In the live stream announcing the release hosted by Brandon Johnson, who voices Mr Goldenford in the series questions of the feud were put to the creators. This drew sarcastic comments from both producers. The however cleared the air by reinforcing the fact that they have had a peaceful union.

Fans of the show would hope that the time has ensured that this season is the best one yet.