‘Despicable Me 3’ Critics, Reviews and Highlights

The third instalment of the” Despicable Me” franchise open to missed reactions from fans and critics alike as it has been described as some as a “parent trap”. The sequel which was written by Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio centres on reformed super villain Gru, who along with his wife Lucy and his army of minions as they attempt incredible acts that has world changing/wrecking potential.

“Despicable me 3” features the star act Gru (voiced by Steve Carell) in a new adventure as he, his wife and three children goes on a journey to meet his long lost twin brother Dru (also voiced by Carell). The movie involves a lot of high-tech weapons and a destructive giant robot with lasers and also simulates heavy action and explosion. However, the movie has been criticized for being the same as the previously produced version.

Film critic Justin Chang, writing for the LA times was tough on the movie’s lack of invention. He asserted that the movie was a “parent trap” which is a term used to describe a movie that is good for the sole purpose of giving parents peace of mind while their kids watch. That is, it is only interesting enough to get the attention of kids and is not good enough to thrill them. Chang also explained that the movie plot missed the mark by focusing on discovery of Gru’s twin brother and explains that this angle does not help to give life to the story.

Another critic, Leah Greenblatt who writes for Entertainment Weekly described the movie as a “giddy but scattershot sequel”. The critic explained that the plot lacked cohesion and struggles to recreate the intense action and thrills achieved with the first movie. She also emphasised  that the story Side-lined the Gru kids and did not point enough spotlight on them.

The movie which previous edition has grossed $2.7 billion worldwide did not do too badly in the box office this time around. Though figures have not been mind-blowing they have however been beyond producers expectation. The movie is expected to land between $90 million-$100 million range this weekend figures which are better than the producers projection of $85 million for the week.