Spiderman Homecoming Premier and the Avengers Angle

The premiere of the new Spiderman movie dubbed “Spiderman: Homecoming” held yesterday in Hollywood to the pleasure of stars and fans alike. The movie, which hits cinemas around the world on the 7th of June, stars Tom Holland as Spiderman, a teenager who was bitten by a spider and is given super powers from the bite and also stars Michael Keaton as the super villain. The story, like the first Spiderman movies puts the superhero back in his high school days where his journey began. It is however unclear if the sequel to this which would be out in 2019 would still feature the web maker in school.

Heat Vision speaking to Kevin Feign gathered that intention of the movie makers was not to make a High school movie. The Marvel Studios head explained that their intention was to make an adventure movie. He drew comparison between Spiderman and classic “Back to the Future” which is a movie about time travel and explained that though the cast in that movie were young, it didn’t necessarily portray the movie is a purely teenage movie.

Another interesting angle to the premier is the recent partnership between Sony pictures, which hold the exclusive right to shoot Spiderman movie and Marvel pictures. The two movie giant entered into an agreement earlier in the week over how the Spiderman franchise would be handled in the future. The agreement ensures that Spiderman would be cast in Marvel movies comprising of various superheroes. The avengers franchise being the major recipient of this agreement would cast Spiderman in its upcoming sequel. So it wasn’t surprising when stars like, Robert Downey Jr, who plays Iron Man in the Avenger movies was seen smiling to the Camera at the Spiderman premier.

On a lighter note, comedian Hannibal Buress who plays Coach Wilson in the movie had was in trouble online for missing the premier and hiring an imposter to take his place. The actor employed Joe Carroll to stand in his place as he was busy with another movie tag line. This did not play out well for the comedian in the media as people felt it was weird for him to act in such a manner.