“Spider-Man: Homecoming” Impresses Fans A Huge Deal For Deviating From The Norm

There is no doubt about it that indeed “Spider-Man: Homecoming” is one of the topmost superhero movies. This is in no way downgrading Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight,” which was also a great production.

According to Variety, Tom Holland in the “Homecoming” portrays Spider-Man as a teenager that is struggling with numerous issues. The way he moves about fighting crime takes the viewer back to those times when superheroes were not obliged to necessarily save the world from terrorist activities at all costs.

The Vulture is the villain in Homecoming and one thing that comes out clearly is that he doesn’t seem much interested in dominating the world. On the contrary, he is portrayed as someone focused on making money through the sale of weapons that employ alien technology.

The villain is also shown to be a crook so pure and simple. To thrive, he is seen going against the law to pay for a top-class place in the suburbs. This beats the expectations of many who thought that it would turn out to be the same line of thought where the villain usually targets destroying human lives.

A lot of people love the numerous twists that have been incorporated in this latest production. The context as well as the roles of characters has been assigned cautiously and in a way to capture the attention of the large audience that has been waiting for the movie to be launched.

A lot of fans are getting tired of the fact that most of the productions are leaning to the same direction. A lot of the Avengers movies run to the same conclusion and this is boring to the viewer since he/she can even predict the end. The idea of collateral damage has been widely covered and the audience is losing interest in any production that is taking a similar angle.

Spider-Man: Homecoming” seems to have leant the trick very well and in good time. It is currently receiving a lot of views from all the four corners of the world.