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Olivia De Havilland Condemns Her Feud Portrayal By A Top Network As She Moves To Court To File Charges

Hollywood grande dame Olivia de Havilland is being seen by a lot of people as taking quite a drastic move by resorting to suing the network and Murphy’s production company. Her lawyers in a recent interview revealed that Olivia was unhappy with the way she had been portrayed in the TV series Feud: Bette and Joan.

While recently answering questions from journalists, one of her lawyers stated, “Miss de Havilland was not asked by FX for permission to use her name and identity and was not compensated for such use. Further, the FX series puts words in the mouth of Miss de Havilland which are inaccurate and contrary to the reputation she has built over an 80-year professional life, specifically refusing to engage in gossip mongering about other actors in order to generate media attention for herself.”

De Havilland has spend most of her life in Paris and on Saturday she will be turning 101.On Friday, she went ahead to file the charges in a Los Angeles Superior CourtHer lawyers are in her full defense and they lately outlined that FX and its partners had unlawfully appropriated celebrity’s name and identify as well

The deeply criticized the move to depict her in a false light in a bit to sensationalize the series .They said that it was wrong to go that far only to promote their business. FX network and brand turned a blind eye to Havilland’s interests and they promised to do all within their means to see to it that justice was served.

According to Ew, a top attorney by the name Suzelle Smith has been vocal in relation to the matter. She disclosed that any living celebrity bore each and every right to protect both her name and identify in an industry that is currently flooded with persons wanting to exploit others for personal gain.

Some top news reporters recently moved out to squeeze out some comments from FX .It was all in vain after FX declined to make any comments in relation to the matter. A lot of people around the glove will be closely following on the matter in the coming days to see how it ends.