Comedy Shows Take A Swipe At Jeff Sessions’ Testimony

Late Show host Stephen Colbert has hilariously termed Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions’ appearance before Congress as “America’s favorite new reality TV show.” Sessions’ session with Congress was largely revealing and was characterized by unwillingness to open up about the matter as well as claims of bad memory.

The show was largely characterized by jokes about Sessions’ size with Colbert terming him the “last surviving Little Rascal Jeff Sessions.” Trevor Noah, host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” also joked about Sessions’ standing to take an oath and later used a graphic picture to portray the Attorney General as “The D.C. Hobbit.” ”If there’s one thing we know about magical creatures, if you ask them a question they don’t like, they’ll just make up rules to why they can’t answer,” he joked.

“Jimmy Kimmel Live” made a comic improvement of Sessions’ boring testimony by using it as a sound track to a Bugs-and-Daffy exchange in the cartoon series “Looney Tunes”. This gave birth to what the show termed “testimony the whole family can enjoy.”

The AG’s comments about “secret innuendo” concerning his actions as well as his declaration that despite recusing himself from any inquiries into the presidential campaign, he cannot recuse himself from defending himself against false allegations.

On “Saturday Night Live” guest Kate McKinnon elaborated her process of imitating the AG and gave an impression of the entire testimony. The “Tonight Show” hosted by Jimmy Fallon also featured games. Together with Heidi Klum, the invented the “randomly selected, never-before-seen” dances on the spot which included the “Speed Bowling,” “Fork in the Garbage Disposal” and “Invisible Hulu Hoop”.

On ” The Late Late Show,” Jane Krakowski, Iggy Azalea, Kate Mara and Lily James engaged in a round of “Flinch,” in which participants were stood behind a glass and avoided spilling a martini when unexpected water balloon where fired at each. A minor theme of the show involved odd drinking habits. The host took a sip of what whiskey and said “Oh, sweet darkness, cover me. Ready to watch the Senate.” In a comic joke, Meyers said “secretly pour whiskey into my mug while no one’s looking.” He took a drink, and made a face.