X-Men: Dark Phoenix Unveils Its Timeline

The 20th Century Fox’s X-Men has revealed its round of updated events for its fans. The X-Men will involve Simon Kinberg to lead the team while other franchise stars including Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy are expected to reprise their roles in the scripts. With the new updates speeding up, the fans will now have a chance to guess on time when the next film will be taking place.

A new report reveals that X-Men: Dark Phoenix will continue with the trend of their old films that dates back to the early 90s. For quite some time, the timeline of most of the X-Men films has continued to confuse the fans and other moviegoers on when the next film will be unleashed.

Some new films trilogy has made it possible for a number of specific periods to be included in the action by crafting a set of strong films to occur next to their forerunners. Though the original trilogy might not get to a fourth film, the novel film may spot the X-Men: Dark Phoenix as it hits the theaters in the coming year.

Based on the information from Christopher M., the Omega Underground, the X-Men: Dark Phoenix is apparently set in early 90s. There are fans who have guessed the film’s timeline through various titles that X-Men: Dark Phoenix has used in the previous films including the ‘Supernova’, ‘Dark Phoenix’ and now the ‘Teen Spirit’. The new title reminds people especially the music fans about the Nirvana’s iconic track in the “smell Like Teen Spirit”. The debut was a hit in 1991.

At the moment, there are no tangible details concerning the storyline of the ‘Dark Phoenix’ though the recent reports about the film have given out a hint. Currently, Jessica Chastain is negotiating the deal to feature Lilandra, a famous figure coming from the Marvel’s comic run. The character is one of the well-known leaders of Shi’ar Empire, which is an alien race. If the actress plays the role well, the Marvel fans should soon see Chastain competing with Sophie Turner in the theaters.