American Gods Season 1 Finale, Episode 8 Recap: Come to Jesus

Right from its start, American Gods, created by Michael Green and Bryan Fuller and Neil Gaiman as author and executive producer, has not been shy of changing the written source.  The changes have involved updating the play to match with the current time, placing more emphasis on the minor characters in the book or place things in a timeline that takes much longer to happen.

In the first season, which recently came to an end, there were many surprisingly unique episodes plus others that did a lot of meanders for no apparent reason.  There is very little similarity between the eighth episode “Come to Jesus”, that was aired and its actual version.  The episode manages to integrate both the desperate and separated cast for a spring outing.  However, the show does not meet of the expectations from a finale.   The show ends without giving any indication or revelation, no setup for the coming season or even closure.

The only big reveal for the season finale was delivered by Mr. Nancy bearing the character of an African alter ego and spider god Anansi who first featured in the second episode.  He a natural storyteller and opens the episode with very interesting openings. “Once upon a time.. In addition to being a fascinating story, Orlando Jones excellent oratory helps add more life into it.

The setting is the 9th-century Bar’an temple in Yemen where a queen take part in an orgy plus a night club in 1979 Tehran which was later attacked by Shi’a revolutionists and in her turn as a person without a home in the Hollywood, Nancy describes the collapse of a goddess who had everything.   Additionally, the story is built as an attack to women by a world dominated by men which is also used an allegory for high rise of sexism in the world.  The show makes several hits at the woman’s identity using her ability to cause disappearance of people with sex. Having experienced some of her best days, she gets a visit from Technical Boy who offers her an iPhone as a gift.