A.D. Identity Revealed As Pretty Little Liars Draws To an Interesting Close

American hit TV series pretty little liars came to an interesting end when the final 2 hour episode aired yesterday. In the highlight of the show the identity of super villain A.D. was revealed to be Alex Drake, Spencer’s twin sister. This drew a lot of shock from loyal fans and rumour peddlers who had early formulated different theories as to the identity of the super villain. The show also ended with Aria and her fiancé Ezra Fitz discovering that their book “Then and Now” would be adapted into a movie. This is however not the only good news for the couple as they would also be getting married.

Before the finally was aired there had been reports from the executive producer Marlene King that the final episode would be two hours long with would be paced like a future film which would mean that it would come off as feature film. This was exactly the case as the 7 season long thriller came to close. Additionally, whether or not the series has been settled is not clear after the final episode as questions are still left unanswered about fictional town Rosewood Pennsylvania.

Other resolution in the series saw Alison and Emily still living together raising their twin children (the fact that they are twins might come as a surprise to many). Mona on her end, dulled by the effects of her medication moved in with Hanna and Caleb and this of course puts strain on the relationship. Aside from arguing about who would sleep in the barn, Melissa and Spencer are finally getting along as she moves back to town. Another returnee, Toby, who came back from his ling trip to Africa, got a little welcome gift as Spencer was offered to him as room service.

As the episode drew to a close there is a scene of young girls having a sleepover only for their sleet to be cut short by one of them going missing. This scene ended the series on a cliff-hanger note.

It is unclear what future lies ahead for the series. Though some of the major mysteries like the identity of A.D have been resolved others have not. Fans of the series would have to wait a while to see if a new spin-off is in view.