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The “Pretty Little Liar” Finale and the A.D. Theory Spoiler

As the finale of hit TV series draw to a close fans of the show have been given a teaser as to the identity of the series star villain A.D. which would be officially revealed when the final episode is released. Rumour is nonetheless ripe is to real identity of the star villain. Is it is the custom throughout the entire seasons fans have been swapping stories of their guesses as to who the A.D. is but none has match the current anticipation.

Howbeit, the show producer, Marlene King recently revealed that fans would have to wait until season 7 to figure out who the villain actually is. She also claimed that they intend to generate a new story from the identity of the villain. This does not stop the shows loyal fans from speculating anyways. One of such fans is Cosmopolitan writer Eliza Thompson who claimed she has gone back to re-watch previous with the aim of looking for clues that explains the identity of the villain.

Thompson, on the strength of her latest research pointed out that Scott has a history of mental illness which has been evident throughout the show. This would mean that he spent time at Radley. However, Thompson’s takes her theory a step further with the assertion that A.D. could stand for “Aria’s Dad” which is another plausible alternative theory.

Furthermore, in press photos released before the season finale the spoiler alert might have taken a new turn. The first picture show Liars placed around a figure in a dark room sitting on a couch which better lighting would suggest an image of someone that looks like Mona. The clique in the picture seems to be unhappy about something as they question the Mona like figure with visible frustration on their faces. Whether or not this theory would be held to be true would however be known at the end of the season finale.

What is however clear is that all the theories would be brought to an end once the finally is aired. This is due to the fact that the show producers have a record of wrapping up villain character at the end of seasons.