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Kim And Kanye Resort To Surrogacy And Are Expecting Twins Soon

A longtime friend of the Kardashians has revealed through hollywoodlife.com that Kim and Kanye may soon be happy parents to twins with the help of a surrogate. Reportedly, Kim has always dreamt about having twins. Unfortunately, she has been some facing some health issues which have compelled her to resort to surrogacy as the only means to make her dreams a reality.

As a matter of fact, the pregnancy is still at its early stages and thus it would be unwise make anything public. The celebrity couple is at the moment paying its surrogate $4,500 in 10 monthly installments, which eventually adds up to about $45,000.But, Kimye will have to pay the surrogacy agency $68,850 upfront as a deposit.

On top of the above outlined payments, the surrogate is also entitled to an additional $5,000.The agreement between the surrogate and the celebrity couple outlines that the surrogate will not engage in drug use, smoking or alcohol during the pregnancy period. Also, she will have to restrain from sexual activity in the weeks leading up to the pregnancy. It doesn’t end here since she will again have to abstain from sex for three weeks after the embryo implantation.

Some people familiar with the matter have termed the restriction on avoiding hot tubs as unnecessary. According to some reliable sources, the top celebrity couple drew its inspiration from Beyonce, who is aged 35 and a top musician. Beyonce’s father recently went public to announce that Beyonce had given birth to twins .It had aroused emotions among the singer’s fan-base who criticized the father saying that instead he should have let Beyonce make the announcement herself.

Considering that Kim has been encountering health complications, surrogacy of course sticks out as the safest option for her. Some top medical experts say that placenta accrete many at times results into massive bleeding, not forgetting the fact that it at has been rated as one of the life threatening complications among women.

If Kim resorted to carrying the third child herself, she would be at a major risk since she would need hysterectomy, which is a major surgery.