‘Transformers: The Last Knight’-The Latest Review

Michael Bay is facing great criticism in regards to his abilities and in fact a number of people have been terming him the worst director Hollywood has at the moment. The director together with his teammates at Paramount have once again hit rock bottom and this is for the fourth consecutive time.

According to, the franchise the director has commanded for the past ten years has been described as a raging dumpster fire of unimaginably detestable cinema. He stands to give no excuse considering that he has had all the opportunities to make it good in his roles but it seems there is no hope for him.

Well, a major city is in trouble and the different world governments and their respective armies are depicted as being in a major scramble in a bid to deal squarely with the aftermath of an all-out assault on the planet.

They take to the implementation of a number of regulations as well as some varying degrees of defensive action in a move to face out the alien Transformer race that is at that particular time hiding in plain sight around the world.

The species have a choice to make. To either to go back to Cybertron to save themselves or else an army with specialized military forces will be unleashed to hunt them down and kill them one by one. At the moment when its seems as if Optimus Prime and his loyal legion of Autobots have lost hope in humanity, a deadly new adversary emerges which compels all the Transformers out of hiding and it is time to cancel the impending apocalypse.

For all those persons that are on to Michael Bay’s schtick, it is high time to understand what you are in for. In case you happened to see first three, then there is nothing in there for you in the current one. For the minorities that appreciate these films, there is a great probability to fall in love with “The Last Knight.”

After watching this particular film, the viewer is left with more questions than answers. The reality of the matter is that it fails to tie up loose ends from the previous movies.