Spiderman Is Coming Home with a Lot of Money

Sony & Marvel pictures new movie Spiderman: Homecoming seems to be surmounting all expectations as it opens in various cinemas in America and around the world today. Ticket sale for the Friday airing skyrocketed to a record $13 million which is higher than the film houses projection of $10 million. The figure is miles ahead of other movie premier ticket sales in recent times with Deadpool coming in as the closest in recent times with $12.7 million. Also, Guardians of the Galaxy brought home $11.2M in its first wave of ticket sales.

The movie would be showing in 3,450 locations tonight to start at 7 PM in every U.S./Canadian time zone. The figure is expected to rise to 4,348 sites on Saturday when more kids would be free to go to the cinema to view the action thriller. The movie which cost $175 million make seems set to recoup the money spent in production in record time.

Sony had previously projected that the movie would earn £80 million in its opening weekend but it seems likely that the movie would make close to $88 million as E News claim. Those figures would put Spiderman: Homecoming in the league of Sam Raimi’s trilogy which brought in similar figurers in its opening weekend. These figures would help the movie recover from the shattered image created by the last release. The last Spiderman movie made in 2012 brought in only $62 million in its opening weekend.

The reasons cited for the positive outlook that the movie has garnered are good marketing strategy, word of mouth effect, good review from critics and the new Marvel & Sony partnership. Metacritic gave the movie a 73 score which is well above average. The movie also got similar reviews from Rottentomatos. The movie has also enjoyed goodwill generated from the fact that Spiderman would be part of the next Avenger Movie which made possible by the agreement reached between Sony and Marvel pictures.

Finally the wait is over for fans of the webmaster as they can turn out in incredible numbers to see their favourite super hero doing what he does best.