The Han Solo Directors Firing and Its credit implications

Disney and Lucas films recently announced their intention to part ways with movie directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller after disagreement over the portrayer of the major character “Hans Solo.” Lucasfilm chief, Kathleen Kenndy and co-writer/executive, Lawrence Kasdan reportedly has misunderstandings as to lord’s portrayal of the comical aspect of the character, which eventually led to the letting go.

The film houses have announced that director, Ron Howard, would replace the duo and shooting would continue in July. Howard would meet with leading actors to decide the future of the movie in the nearest future.

If buzz is anything to go by then the movie riding on its star wars origin would be a massive box office hit. Questions have been however raised as to how the credits for the film would be shared after its change of director so late in production. The Directors Guild of America who is the authority on credit related issues have been silent on the issue suggesting that they want to observe the situation before giving an informed position.

Several other sources close to the film house have refused to give comments as to how the credit situation would be resolved. It is important to note however that this is not the first time a director would be let go during film production. Curtis Hanson had to step down for health related reasons as the director of “Chasing Mavericks.” However, that situation was peculiar for two major reasons. The change was amicable and the production was not as late as the Han Solo situation. Statements by the Directors Guild of America would help chart a course for future negotiations between the director and the film house.

How the film houses navigate this situation would make or mare the progress of the spinoff. These would all become clearer in the nearest future but as at today still remains unclear.