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Celine Dion 49 Poses Naked For Vogue Magazine

Surprise is the emotion fans felt when Canadian music star Celine Dion posed starkly naked for vogue magazine. In a picture shared on the fashion magazine’s Instagram page the star was showed sitting on a chair completely naked with her arms wrapped around the upper part of her body and her legs crossed.

 The 7 time Grammy Award winner covered her face with her arms as she gazed into the camera. The picture was believed to have been taken at one of Dion’s live show in Las Vegas. Celine’s young looking body has been hailed as it shows the body of a 49 year old looking like someone in her 20s.

Vogue, in releasing the picture spoke about Dion’s stage presence as she has been performing in Las Vegas at least 5 times weekly for years and has also gone on a mini European tour in the same time. The soul singer is praised for her incredible stamina evident in the fact that her shows are always energetic and choreographed to the delight of her fans. The fashion magazine also hailed the star for her fashion sense proclaiming that only Celine can pull of her peculiar style of dressing.

Celine commenting about the picture said “he clothes follow me; I do not follow the clothes”. The star power house who is recovering from the loss of her husband ReneAngelil to throat cancer in 2016 has been focusing on two things ever since and they are her children and her music.

She has been keeping her twin boys close since the passing of their father last year to ensure they feel loved and comforted. In the same time she also continued he Vegas shows and has performed at the 20th anniversary of “Titanic” where she delivered an electrifying rendition of her hit song “My heart would Go On”.

The star who sold her Jupiter Island, FL for a whopping $38,500,000 earlier this year has never released a naked picture of her. However, in 2012 she posed topless for V Magazine where she was pictured wearing a pair of long black gloves while folding her arms over her chest.