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Beyoncé Finally Conspicuously Presents Her Twins to America and Fans

Beyoncé has shared the first photos of her twins since she gave birth. Within just an hour, the conspicuous photo had received more than 2.4 million like and more than 121,600 shares. Many people were still waiting for this particular day, the day when Beyoncé would voluntary share her blessings.

Through this opportunity, many of her fans have had an opportunity to know that one of the twins is known as Sir Carter and the other as Rumi. With such a response on social media, it is crystal clear that her fans are still here for her.


Her Peak Age did not Stir Her Wish to Have Babies

Earlier, the two loves birds had shared a photo where Beyoncé was in her maternity dress. This was just before the twins were born and it is amazing how their blessing came at a peak age. Considering that Beyoncé is now 35 and Jay-z, 47, one will agree that their twins arrived timely.

In both their two photos, between the maternity period and after the birth of twins, it is clear that Beyoncé is still the goddess many have been looking up to. It is also an indication of a love which has flourished and complemented by the presence of two beautiful babies.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé Have Always Acted with Maturity during and After Pregnancy

Many had thought that Beyoncé would not easily go public and share her blessing, though her latest moves show how cool she is and how she holds her fans closer to her heart.

On the other hand, both Jay-z and Beyoncé have shown maturity during the prenatal, and postnatal period. Why? The answer is simple. They waited for the right time to express their joy towards the public.

More Passion from Their Fans is Evident

With this new development, many of their fans have reignited their passion for Jay-Z and Beyoncé branded products.