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Blac Chyna Describes The Attributes She Is Looking Out For In Her Next Man

Looking at the various developments in the story about Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, one is left even more confused. Is it that Chyna is just the untamable? Or is it that Rob wasn’t a healthy and confident man as she has been insinuating? The most important, and still pending, issue is the custody of their daughter Dream.

Matters escalated to a point when Rob started showcasing violent behavior and cyber bullying against Chyna. The model had resorted to asking for assistance from some top lawmakers. Rob wasn’t going to take that lying down and he sought for the services of Shapiro, a prominent lawyer as well.

After the court learned that indeed Rob had posed a number of threats to China, including visiting her place with a gun, it issued a restraining order against Rob. He has gone silent for over some time. Chyna, on the other hand, seems to be holding all forms of interviews.

Lately, the widely renowned celebrity talked about the kind of relationships she wants for herself in future. At multiple occasions, she seems to be contradicting herself. She had outlined that she was only interested in running her several businesses and taking care of her children. Starting a serious relationship is not part of her foreseeable plans. At the moment, she is up again hitting headlines with the news about her ideal man.

While speaking to a number of news reporters, Chyna declared that she needed ‘a confident‘ and ‘healthy‘ man. It goes without saying that she was insinuating to her ex-lovers who have showcased a lot of instabilities in the relationships with her. Ferrari, after dating her for only two months, started posting Chyna’s intimate pictures, something the celebrity confronted as a great deal. Her lawyers termed it ‘cheap publicity‘.

On the other hand, Rob was struggling with cocaine and alcohol abuse. When asked to stop so he could gain access to Dream, he started threatening that he’d commit suicide. Regardless of the above, Chyna described Rob as a good father, asserting that she had no problem with Dream being around Rob, according to ET Online.