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Dashcam video shows Shia LeBeouf’s racist outburst

Shia LeBeouf’s recent exposure of disorderly behavior wasn’t all there was to it. A new video has come up showing more of the celebrity’s shockingly racist behavior. During his arrest, LaBeouf gave federal officers quite a difficult time thanks to his overly aggressive behavior.

He had eventually been put into custody. From a recently released surveillance footage, LaBeouf is seen sitting across from two police officers on that particular day that he got arrested. The actor is heard cursing and spewing profanities, according to HuffingtonPost.

LaBeouf tells the African American officer that arresting him was savage and that the office ‘would go straight to hell‘. When the officer asks him why he is saying that, he responds ‘it is because you are black‘.

The drama behind Shia LaBeouf is just one of a kind. He also insulted the caucasian officer, by making remarks suggesting that his wife enjoyed watching adult entertainment videos featuring “black d***s“.

From the footage, it was pretty apparent that LaBeouf’s words hugely infuriate the officer, though the latter one managed to remain calm throughout the entirety of the situation.

According to some reliable sources, the arrest happened when LaBeouf came across a bystander and asked him for a cigarette. After the bystander turned him down, he started hurling insults at him.

There has been a lot of drama revolving the famous Hollywood actor. However, he seems to be coming back to his senses. He apologized to all the officers involved, the bystander, as well as his huge fan base, which sees him as an upstanding performer and role model.

While speaking to a news reporter he stated, “I am deeply ashamed of my behavior and make no excuses for it… The severity of my behavior is not lost on me. I have been struggling with addiction publicly for far too long, and I am actively taking steps toward securing my sobriety and hope I can be forgiven for my mistakes.