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Kim Kardashian Reacts To Twitter User That Made Claims Linking Her To Cocaine Use

Kim Kardashian has refuted the rumors that have been moving around. There have been a number of people spreading the word that the celebrity has been using cocaine. One of her most stubborn critics removed his tweet and according to some trusted sources had gotten into some serious exchanges with Kim.

The celebrity rubbished the Twitter user’s claims, terming them baseless. According to her, the user was making the claims based on a photo she had taken. There was a black table with some white powder on it and the critic had linked the dots in his mind forwarding the assumption that it was indeed cocaine. It has disappointed Kim a huge deal and she has promised to do all within her means to clear her name, according to InTouchWeekly.

She is not the first celebrity to be going through such a tough time. Others have gone through the same challenge as well. Being a celebrity is associated with a lot of good things, but critics are always out there to try and rubbish one’s name.

However, before resorting to social media to tarnish someone’s name, it is critical to get some solid evidence. If it is indeed true what Kim says about the Twitter user, then it is quite unfortunate.

A number of reporters went after the star seeking to strike a better understanding in regards to the matter. She said, “I do not play with rumors like this so I’m gonna shut it down real quick. That’s sugar from our candy mess from Dylan’s Candy Shop.

Some people, who have proposed that their identities be kept anonymous, have defended Mrs. Kanye West. They revealed that they saw her with her four-year-old daughter in one of their favorite sweet stores. They must have just forgotten to wipe away some powdered sugar and that shouldn’t give anyone the right to crucify her.