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Blac Chyna’s Lawyers Vow To Protect Her From Cyber Bullying From Ex-Lover

The drama surrounding Black Chyna and her ex-lover Ferrari is worrying. Every day they are hitting headlines for one reason or the other. This time around Chyna seems more determined in fighting for her rights.

She has been into a scuffle with her baby-daddy Rob and the story might end up badly because it is obvious the ex-lover is bitter. Chyna is no longer entertaining any form of cyber bullying directed towards her.

The reality star’s legal team doesn’t seem to be taking matters lying down. According to some top trusted sources, it has been firing at Ferrari condemning his act of unlawfully distributing the star’s intimate photos. He has been in their possession for a long time and using them to intimidate Chyna, which the body terms uncalled for and unacceptable.

These lawmakers have sworn to do all within their means to protect the celebrity from harassments from any ex-lover. It understands that Chyna has been going through so much lately and they won’t let anyone destabilize her.

While speaking to a number of reporters, Walter Mosely, Chyna’s attorney, described Ferrari just as someone the celebrity has dated over a duration of two months. He added that it didn’t in anyway give him the basis to go about creating hell in the celebrity’s life. According to him, it was bad for the ex-lover to post the video of Chyna sleeping.

In a bitter note he said to journalists, “He’s someone she dated for a little bit months ago, and he’s trying to extend his 15 minutes of fame. He’s a wannabe rapper and making light of a very serious situation. We’ve asked him to stop communicating with her.

Chyna has given her stand in relation to the matters of the heart. She has asserted that she is focusing on her businesses and raising her kids. She has no intentions to see anyone seriously according to the People.