Spiderman Homecoming Premier and the Avengers Angle

The premiere of the new Spiderman movie dubbed “Spiderman: Homecoming” held yesterday in Hollywood to the pleasure of stars and fans alike. The movie, which hits cinemas...

Movie Academy Body Promotes Diversity with New Invitees

The world acclaimed giver of the Oscar award “The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences” has invited 774 mew members into its fold. The body which...

New Vehicular-Action-Thriller-Jukebox-Musical-Romance, Baby Driver Expected To Keep Viewers At The Edge Of Their Seats

The new vehicular-action-thriller-jukebox-musical-romance called Baby Driver was directed by Edgar Wright, a renowned British writer-director. Some top analysts have come forward saying that it is hyphen-depleting in...

Details of Marvel New Spiderman Deal with Sony

For a long time fans of marvel hit comic character “Spiderman” have clamoured for the character like other Marvel character to be included as part of marvel...

Transformers 5 Making Grand Slides in Chinese Box Office But is that enough

The story of Transformers 5 has been that of mixed feeling as the movie had a less than favorable debut in the American box office. However, there...

The Last Knight Showcases Impeccable Success Oversees

Transformers: The Last Knight was directed by Michael Bay and its has been hitting headlines lately. According to some reliable sources, it has been doing tepid business at...
Harry Potter Franchise Turns 20

Harry Potter Franchise Turns 20

It would be hard to imagine that highly acclaimed J.K. Rowling franchise is 20 years already. After constant rejection by publishers the British writer finally published the...

‘Transformers: The Last Knight’-The Latest Review

Michael Bay is facing great criticism in regards to his abilities and in fact a number of people have been terming him the worst director Hollywood has...

The Han Solo Directors Firing and Its credit implications

Disney and Lucas films recently announced their intention to part ways with movie directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller after disagreement over the portrayer of the major...

An Outlook At The Game Of Thrones Season 7 Trailer

It is an exciting moment for the Game Of Thrones fans around the globe. HBO on Wednesday released the second trailer for GOT’s seventh season which is quite promising...
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