New Vehicular-Action-Thriller-Jukebox-Musical-Romance, Baby Driver Expected To Keep Viewers At The Edge Of Their Seats

The new vehicular-action-thriller-jukebox-musical-romance called Baby Driver was directed by Edgar Wright, a renowned British writer-director. Some top analysts have come forward saying that it is hyphen-depleting in the same measure that it is entertaining. The craftsmanship and showmanship associated with this particular movie has been termed by the same experts as being of a very high order.

It opens up with a red Subaru WRX carrying a team of bank robbers. It makes its way through the Atlanta traffic dodging impossible roadblocks and playing shell games with other vehicles. Police sirens are heard and amidst Jon Spencer Blues Explosion’s.

Baby, who is the young and highly skilled driver behind the wheel, understands how to do a number of dance moves. He is seen swerving with verve and ditches the cops within minutes and for any keen observer the movie showcases first-rate escapism.

It goes without saying that indeed Wright is a remarkable director. According to, the movie employs flashback in a major way. They are these flashbacks that reveal to the audience that some time back Baby was in a serious accident that left him with tinnitus. The steady pop-rock stream from his iPod helps drown out the ringing in his ears. With it he is able to focus much better and he feels much more liberated. It serves as a second sight for him.

Nothing stands his way now considering that it transforms him into an amazing driver as well as an invaluable asset to Doc who is the crime Boss in Atlanta. Happy with his great job, he promises to let him go immediately he is done paying his debts. But a much closer outlook reveals something different. The boss is making the promise but the reality of the matter is that he is not willing to let him off the hook any time soon.

Baby has for over some time been meditating over getting away from his life of crime. He is determined to do it but the gang is not willing to let him go. He is reminded by other members that even the cleanest getaways can pose some danger. He doesn’t like the sight of blood and the viewer waits in anticipation to see what becomes of Baby by the end.