Transformers 5 Making Grand Slides in Chinese Box Office But is that enough

The story of Transformers 5 has been that of mixed feeling as the movie had a less than favorable debut in the American box office. However, there can be no mixed feeling about the movie’s exploit in the Chinese box office as the Michael Bay Action Franchise opens at $123million in its first week. The movie which is the fifth installment of the franchise is becoming a huge success in china which has played host to success in American movies in recent times.

Some critics have however raised concerns over the figure saying it’s not as big as the hype suggest drawing comparison with Universal’s Fast 8. The Fate of the Furious opened at $190 million and is well on track to make a remarkable $393 million overall in china. However $123million is by no means child’s play.

However, in comparison to how the film performed in America this Chinese result seems to be a grand slide. The film opened at a disappointing $69.1 million in North America which is a long way from success by any standard considering the cost of producing the blockbuster. The movie china debut also did considerably better than last time around as transformers 4 at the same stage opened at $92 million in the Chinese Box Office in 2014.

Paramount pictures have said that the movie cost $217 million to make pre marketing expenses. This means that its $265.3 million global earnings in its first weekend are a far cry from huge returns.

On the bright side, the Michael Bay’s CGI movie franchise is said to enjoy a cult following in china as there have been reports of fathers constructing their own life-size Decepticons from spare car parts for their die hard transformer supporter kids. The movie accounted for 70% of the total Showtime in China alluding to its cult following in the Asian nation.

The story of Transformers 5 release has left producers with mixed feeling. Though the sales in China seems to encouraging the same cannot be said back home where the movie is supposed to be leading the pack. Results from home is however nothing to write home about. Time would tell whether or not the movie would pick up pace at home but it is certainly doing well abroad.