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Demario Jackson Of Bachelors In Paradise Tells His Side Of The Story In Sexual Scandal

Reality star DeMario Jackson, a contestant on Warner Bros Bachelors in Paradise has denied the sexual assault accusation levelled against him by co-contestant Corinne Olympios saying that the entire encounter was consensual and he has the cameras to prove it. The producers of the show upon the accusation halted filming for two weeks but resumed when they claimed that investigation has been concluded paving way for continued filming.

However, the news of the scandal has refused to disappear from mainstream media and the latest in the news is Jackson’s assertions in a tell all with Eonline that unlike what Olympios is claiming, he was totally led on. He also claimed that though they had a few drinks she didn’t in anyway seem drunk or tipsy.

He narrated that the entire incident started at the bar where he and Corinne started talking and heaping praise on each other for being villains and declaring that they would both succeed on show. However, the conversation became hot when Corinne made the first move by “jumping in his arms” and they started making out at the bar. Though, he commended Corinne for being a great kisser but claimed the entire move was initiated by her.

Jackson claimed he became suspicious of her because the whole thing felt too easy as he felt Corinne being a beautiful woman was irresistible and would be any man’s dream. But he felt she was making things to easy. He explained that riding on this fear he became suspicious and claimed “When you’re a man, mostly African-American man, no matter where you’re at, you always look for things that can help you out.” To this effect he ensured that cameras followed them even when they went to the pool.

Jackson further explained that Corinne acted normal the next day as they discussed the events of the previous day and how wild it was. However, Jackson was pulled aside the after two days and asked to say goodbye to his co-contestant due to the scandal.

 The release of the video would go a long way in clarifying what actually went down the night in question but Warner Bros claims they do not intend to release the tapes but would make changes to the show.