‘Despicable Me 3’ Critics, Reviews and Highlights

The third instalment of the” Despicable Me” franchise open to missed reactions from fans and critics alike as it has been described as some as a “parent...

Spiderman Homecoming Premier and the Avengers Angle

The premiere of the new Spiderman movie dubbed “Spiderman: Homecoming” held yesterday in Hollywood to the pleasure of stars and fans alike. The movie, which hits cinemas...

Spiderman Is Coming Home with a Lot of Money

Sony & Marvel pictures new movie Spiderman: Homecoming seems to be surmounting all expectations as it opens in various cinemas in America and around the world today....

Wonder Woman Looks Forward To Challenge ‘The Mummy’ At Box Office

The Mummy is likely to slump under the feet of Wonder Woman towards the weekend at US box office which concludes on June 11. If the pre-release...

The Last Knight Showcases Impeccable Success Oversees

Transformers: The Last Knight was directed by Michael Bay and its has been hitting headlines lately. According to some reliable sources, it has been doing tepid business at...

Producers speak out regarding the Twist Behind Zendaya’s Character

If you have taken time to watch Spider-Man: Homecoming, you will quite agree that this is probably one of the best productions in the movie industry. The...

Alleged ‘Misconduct’ Compels Bachelor In Paradise To Suspend Production

The filming of the fourth season of Bachelor in Paradise has been put on hold by the production company following what was termed “misconduct” claims. In a statement...

Transformers 5 Making Grand Slides in Chinese Box Office But is that enough

The story of Transformers 5 has been that of mixed feeling as the movie had a less than favorable debut in the American box office. However, there...

Nelsan Ellis’ Family Opens Up Revealing Circumstances Surrounding The Actor’s Death

The death of Nelsan Ellis due to heart failure robbed the movie industry of one of its finest talents. The actor will be greatly missed for being...

‘The Mummy’ Takes Home $52 Million At China Box Office Opening

The Mummy has won the Chinese Box Office opening with $52 million. The gain was considerably better than the poor performance the film got in North America...
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