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Samoa Joe Excited After Getting A Re-Match Following Loss At WWE Great Balls Of Fire

WWE Great Balls of Fire witnessed Samoa Joe lose. However, that is not the end of it all since he has gotten another chance to strike back yet again. The thing about him earning a rematch was unexpected and it has shocked many from around the globe who will be waiting to see how he performs next. It goes without saying that he is excited about the second chance. He will be making preparations in advance to win in the rematch.

In the match between Samoa Joe and Lesnar, Samoa was depicted as appealingly of a stronger buildup. The hand-picking of Joe was such that he was to serve as an equal to the universal champion and that is of course across numerous episodes of Raw. At the Great Balls of Fire, Samoa was meant to be Lesnar’s superior.

It is indeed true that Joe lost to WWE‘s top box office draw. However, he never appeared harmed in any particular way in the defeat. One thing that sticks out at all costs is the fact that he is lucky to have much stronger case for a rematch in the near future.

The different one-sided contests have witnessed Lesnar beat most of the top renowned WWE giants such as Randy Orton and John Cena. It goes without saying that WWE has continued to showcase much confidence in Samoa Joe. Lesnar’s plethroa of offense according to Bleacherreport comprised of table spot.

The die-hard fans of WWE keenly followed on the several chokeouts, brawls and a physical match which barely slipped through the hands of Joe. Seemingly, this rivalry isn’t coming to an end any time soon.

Paul Heyman has over the years been known to be the master of subtlety. His nuanced moments have always been a sight to behold for most of his fans around the globe. Lesnar put up a smiling face and that was most probably because it was a win for him. Heyman looked much concerned and this was definitely because he observed it as a loss on the part of his client. The fans are not yet satisfied and will be watching out for more from the two.