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Rob Kardashian’s Lawyer Engages Judge Over Lawful Custody Arrangements Involving Dream

Monday morning saw Rob Kardashian’s lawyer make an appearance in court and he had a word for the judge. The lawmaker outlined that his client had voluntarily refrained from making any more attacks on social media targeting Blac Chyna.

This particular brawl has been ongoing for quite some time. The two have been involved in struggles over the custody of Dream. They both seem to have so much love for the beautiful daughter and each wants to be able to spend a substantial amount of time with her.

The two had earlier gotten into some an unwritten agreement regarding how they were going to share their time with Dream. Rob ended up extending the stay with the daughter, a matter that disappointed the co-parent a huge deal. Some reliable sources have indicated that there was a time when Rob got physical with Chyna. A close friend to China who wanted her identity kept anonymous confirmed that the unfortunate incidence took place In April.

Rob will be represented by several lawmakers including Robert Shapiro of OJ Simpson fame. It is important to outline that Shapiro’s main target will be to push for the set up of lawful custody arrangements involving Dream.

According Tmz, Shapiro will be seeking out to assure the judge about Rob’s commitment to change. Chyna has been feeling very much frustrated every time Rob has posted their intimate pictures on social media. Rob has also allegedly been posting sensitive information regarding China as well as slut shaming her which is not good for her good name.

Most of the people that have been closely following on the matter will be seeking to strike a proper understanding in regards to whether or not Shapiro will be raising the First Amendment issue that will put a restriction to Rob’s use of the various social media platforms.

Before the matters had escalated, Chyna has sworn to ensure that Rob never sets his eyes on the daughter. She had given a condition that Rob had to first of all quit everything to do with drugs and alcohol in order to have access to the daughter. Whatever the judge decides is something we just have to wait and see.