Green Day Rises In Defense Of Band After Immense Criticism Following The Death Of An Acrobat In The Festival

After much criticism following the groundbreaking performance at Madrid’s Mad Cool Festival which left one acrobat dead, Green Day has spoken in relation to the matter. According to some trusted sources, the acrobat lost his life in front of festival-goers.

While speaking to a number of top journalists, Billie Joe Armstrong said, “Many of you are wondering why we continued to play our show after the accident. Green Day did not hear about the accident until after our show was over. We didn’t even know there was an acrobat performance at all.”

As a matter of fact people will always believe what they want to believe. It goes without saying that quite a substantial number of people will see the statement as a pretentious one. However, everyone has a right to self expression. In the coming days, the world will be watching to see what happens thereafter.

Friday night will be an unforgettable night for all the persons that attended the festival. Pedro Aunión Monroy, the acrobat that succumbed to death according to Rollingstone was attempting a between-set stunt. It involved an illuminated box suspended by a crane.

The whole thing turned out ugly after he experienced injuries that eventually culminated to his death at an early age. It was an incidence that was condemned by the people that had turned out in large numbers in expectation of a great time and creation of wonderful memories.

The tragic accident was something that couldn’t be wished even to an enemy. There has been much pointing of fingers with a lot of people terming the top performers as quite insensitive. Word has been moving around that they actually learnt about the unfortunate incidence but they continued with their performance. This was below expectation but Green Day continues to refute such accusations calling them baseless and unfounded.

Armstrong has been quite vocal and he has affirmed that the festivals are quite enormous. It is practically impossible to know each and everything each performer is up to.