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Gotham Star Donal Logue Thanks Everyone That Stood With Him When Her Daughter Logue Went Missing

The Gotham star Donal Logue has expressed his gratitude to all those that stood with him through that difficult moment when her daughter Jade went missing. According to some trusted sources, Jade was reported missing some two weeks ago near the family’s home in Brooklyn. The federal officers had launched a thorough search in a bid to help the top actor retrieve his beloved daughter.

It was quite a sad instance which sparked emotion among most of the top celebrities who in togetherness stood with Donal. Danny Trejo of the Machete movie fame was one of those that stood with the him.He resorted to posting a short emotional video requesting the kidnappers of the celebrity’s daughter to let Logan go. He had added that the kidnappers wouldn’t be asked any questions upon returning the daughter.

On the other hand, Donal’s undying efforts were seen as he told the kidnappers via social media that he understood them a great deal. He outlined that they might have taken the daughter for all the best intentions only for the matter to escalate with the passage of time.

In one of the renowned actors tweets he outlined, “I love all people and have met tons, but honestly (I’m biased) there’s never been a more loving, innocent, cuddly child than Jade. I love her and who she is and her tribe is strong (I’ve met many wonderful people through Jade), but there are some predators who swim among their ranks knowing they’re dealing with sweet, trusting souls. We want you home Jade.”

Jade’s mother Kasey Smith was also hit by the news of the missing daughter and she also played quite a central role to help get the daughter back. She has also joined in the party to celebrate the return of the daughter. Donal doesn’t seem determined on revenge. At the moment he seems to be at peace with himself according to Comicbook.

The return of jade has been celebrated not only by her parents but also the other celebrities. We wish him the best as he reunites with the daughter.