WWE Money In The Bank: Naomi’s Views On Carmella winning The Title

WWE’s women champion Naomi expressed her views on fellow female wrestler, Carmella taking the crown from her.

Naomi currently holds the Smackdown’s women championship title which she defended successfully against Lana in the WWE Money In The Bank battle. She was interviewed by Dasha Fuentes in which she was asked whether she was surprised about Lana’s efforts during the fight. Naomi’s response was that she had never wrestled Lana before the Sunday night fight. She however stated that she always prepares for any outcome since anything can happen. She also explained that she has been quite careful about Carmella ever since she won the title. Naomi added that she constantly has a target on her back.

Maybe James Ellsworth should be getting the match against her because he won MITB for Carmella,” Naomi joked.

Naomi ended the interview by saying that she was ready to fight Ellsworth or Carmella because she was determined to keep her title. Meanwhile, it seems the Smackdown officials, mainly the General Manager Daniel Bryan and Smackdown Commissioner Shane McMahon were not pleased with how the women’s MITB. Bryan is expected to talk about what happened in the match once he returns to Smackdown on Tuesday. Some of the women in the MIBT also took to Twitter to express their views about what happened.

Meanwhile, Baron Corbin’s victory at the MITB was quite something.  However, nothing about the win was considered easy or predictable for him. He has received numerous beat downs since the Battle Royal that he won in WrestleMania 32. During a recent interview, he stated that winning MITB was special moment for him and that he was determined to leave a mark since the first day he set his foot in Battle Royal.

It is not clear whether he will become a WWE champion, though he did point out that most of those who have gotten their hands on the MIBT briefcase have become WWE champions. He stated that he had no doubts that he will eventually become a champion.