Mixed Reactions Pop Up Following The Firing Of CNN Host Reza Aslan

THEHILL.COM has made the announcement that Sean Hannity of Fox News on Friday made the move to defend Reza Aslan. Sean is said to have defended the former CNN host after blatantly calling President Trump “a piece of s—.”He thinks that it was the wrong move for Trump to have fired him considering that he had moved ahead to apologize.

This recent development is shifting attention to Reza with a lot of people globally now looking at the matter in detail. In making a statement to his followers, Hannity wrote, “Reza calling the @POTUS a POS is bad form. Calling me the same fair game. I do not think you should be fired. You apologized.”

A lot has been happening recently with Trump and it goes without saying that this recent move may shake the confidence of a large number of Americans on Trump as their president.

According to reports, CNN will not continue with the production on the acquired series ‘Believer with Reza Aslan.’ However, the platform through a statement wished Reza together with his production team good luck in their endeavor. It was obvious CNN preferred distancing itself from the matter for reasons best known to it.

Aslan owes his roots to Iran, and this time around he was the host of CNN’s “Believer” which has always been aired out on a weekly basis on Sunday nights. The 45-year-old religious scholar who is at the same time a top-notch author is said to have proceeded to call President Trump a “man baby” in a tweet. Truth be said, in as much as Trump might have his own weaknesses, most of the Americans saw this as rather extreme and disrespectful to Trump and the presidency.

Other sources indicate that the tweet was in response to the move by NBC News which is said to have deliberately ignored reporting about Trump sharing a Drudge Report tweet reporting the terrors attacks that recently took place in, on the basis it included unconfirmed details at that particular moment. Aslan remains remorseful and believes he should have chosen his words more wisely.