Delta Pulls Funding For ‘Julius Caesar’ Theater

Delta Airlines and Bank of America announced to withdraw their financial support for the ‘Julius Caesar’ plays that has sparked controversy over the responsibility of the corporate sponsors involved in the public theater acts. The New York theater production that engages Julius Caesar as the Trump-esque edition of the ruined Roman statesman portrayed a bad picture of the sitting president.

Some people have condemned the theater terming it as wicked and morally wrong. The principal corporate donors also expressed their disapproval of the theater stating that regardless of ones political viewpoints, the theater has not reflected their ethics and values. However, some game players reacted negatively against the sponsors’ decision.

Beau Willimon, a creator and playwright at ‘House of Cards’ expressed his disappointments in both Delta and Bank of America. He claims that they should support the freedom of thought and expression for all people and not punish the company. By doing that, they are encouraging a culture of fear among the Americans.

Though Delta has withdrawn its financial support for the New York Theater firm that has portrayed Julius Caesar President Trump, the airline did not consider pulling its funding from another theater that depicted a similar scenario and same role. But the only difference between the two plays is that the other theater illustrated the then President Barack Obama in 2012.

For a long time, Delta has generously supported the Guthrie Theater, which produced ‘Julius Caesar as the Obama in 2011 to 2012 period. Delta continues to be listed as the company’s corporate sponsor on their website donating between $100,000-$249,000 every year.

The recent controversy about the New York Public Theater production ignited reactions that went viral on the social media podiums as people pointed out the dissimilarities between the current chaos and lack of argument in 2012 episode.

Donald Trump Jr. reacted to the story by tweeting criticism and questioned whether the theater was funded by the tax-payers money. The pressure from all corners, especially from the current government, might have pushed the corporate sponsors to take the decision of withdrawing their sponsorship just to save their face. The people of United States of America need to understand that President Trump is different.