Maria Menounos Exudes Courage By Stepping Forward To Seek Out Medical Assistance After Being Diagnosed With Brain Tumor

Maria Menounos has been working with E! News and her decision to step down hit headlines in a major way. She was a co-anchor deeply loved by a wide-fan-base. The celebrity decided to step down from her career after being diagnosed with brain tumor. Her beloved mother according to sources was diagnosed with the same some years back. She doesn’t want to waste more time and thus will be moving out to seek for medical assistance.

In one of the latest top magazines publications, Menounos revealed that she had undergone surgery for meningioma brain tumor. The surgeon she had moved out to seek help from made some efforts to face out the tumor. Fortunately, he succeeded to remove a large section of it

Menounos had started working with the top News Provider back in the year 2014.Some top News reporters reached out to platform’s president seeking to get a statement from him. Adam Stotsky in an emotional tone said, “Our thoughts and support go out to Maria and her family and we wish them all the best knowing that Maria will tackle this with the same fierce dedication she is known for. We are grateful for Maria’s many contributions to E! over the past three years.”

The top executive said that she was happy with the great contribution Maria had made. She had succeeded to win over a lot of hearts and a number of the people she had been working with described her as a team player who was very much dedicated to work.

According CNN, she had some time back started feeling lightheaded on set, not forgetting the accompanying headaches and the slurred speech. She thought of it as something unusual and that is when she stepped forward to seek out for help from a renowned surgeon. The top celebrity said that she felt proud about her courage in moving ahead to seek for the help she badly needed.