John Oliver Uses His Show To Talk About Trump’s ‘unhinged’ CNN Tweet

John Oliver continues to win over fans with his program, Last Week Tonight. He loves covering matters related to President Donald Trump. There seems to be something peculiar with President Donald Trump’s social media usage. Oliver is for sure a keen follower and recently he talked about the President’s “unhinged” CNN tweet terming it a well-calculated strategy meant to take away attention from a critical matter. Oliver believes that the controversial travel ban by the president is not a matter that should be wished away. It needs to be looked into closely and something to be done about it no matter what.

While addressing his viewers, Oliver said, “Unfortunately, we have to start with the fact that on Thursday, the president sent a series of disgusting tweets about Morning Joe‘s Mika Brzezinski — tweets that were absolutely indefensible. And yet, White House [Deputy] Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the least amusing cast member in a direct-to-DVD faith-based romantic comedy, gave it her very best shot.”

Sanders statements obviously reflect her allegiance to the President. This is a matter that is sparking hot debates among different people. It is not clear whether Sanders is advising the president appropriately or he is just being insensitive as he continues with his sycophancy.

The leader has been heard several times running to the defense of the president making claims that he is being attacked mercilessly and unfairly. In giving a warning, he outlined that the president wasn’t happy with the attacks directed at him in the program and would eventually hit back. One is left wondering what happened to the right to criticize objectively.

Oliver doesn’t seem to be shying away from speaking his mind. In a recent statement, he termed the travel ban a “cruel” and “unnecessary” move which breached the right of many innocent people. It is not the first time he is getting into a controversy involving Trump.

According to EW, Oliver doesn’t turn a blind eye to the fact that some people may of course be posing a major threat to America. However, he believes that there is a better way to deal with the issue at hand other than placing a travel ban on many innocent people.