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Macy’s 4th Of July Spectacular: Jennifer Lopez, Dazzling Fireworks & More

Jennifer Lopez gave a thrilling performance at the Macy’s 4th Of July Fireworks Spectacular that went down on Tuesday. In late June, it was announced that Lopez would perform at the annual July Fourth special. The event integrates a dazzling fireworks show and a star-studded concert.

Among the stars who performed at this year’s event included Hailee Steinfeld, Brad Paisley, Lady Antebellum, Charlie Puth and Sheryl Crow. The artists pre-record their performances. The performances are then edited together in anticipation for the traditional annual fireworks display which takes place over Brooklyn’s East River.

Lopez recorded her section on June 30 at Hunter’s Point South Park. surprisingly, paparazzi photos taken from Lopez’s rehearsal led MediaTakeOut to claim that her butt is fake. In actual sense, the webloid was sensationalizing the star’s pictures that showed just her underwear lining below her tight leggings. Of course Lopez went full glam for the official taping and worked out on several outfits into the mini-show.

When the “spectacular” broadcast started on NBC, the musician stated her performance with “Jenny From The Block.” It later aired Lopez’s first ever performance of “Ni Tu Ni Yo” which marked the last musical performance before the fireworks. The performance was the first time that the song was being performed. After the performance, the song became available for streaming and online and downloading. The song is main single on her yet to be released Spanish-language album which is expected to be out this coming.

It is not news that Lopez was selected to perform at the NBC’s Independence Day special. In the past few years, the musician became one of the key players of the network. Apart from featuring on the“Shades Of Blue,” she judges and produces “World Of Dance,” which just returned on air for the second season. Lopez is also expected to star in a live “Bye Bye Birdie,” TV production. The network has however pushed its production from 2017 to 2018.

Security was very tight at the event with several checkpoints set up and used by police to check bags. Some police officers were heavily armed, with helmets and bulletproof vests