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Jennifer Lopez Goes Commando With A Spectacular Dress That Leaves Little To Imagination

Jennifer Lopez, a top actor and singer is making news today with Alex Rodriguez. The two were recently spotted backstage after the singer’s remarkable performance at Macy’s Fourth of July. They looked spectacular as they moved around Hunters Point Park with their fingers interlocked.

A-Rod was seen planting a romantic kiss on the singer’s lips the moment she completed her performance. As anyone would have expected, the audience were left with much to guess about the celebrity couple.

Saying that Jennifer Lopez was “dressed to kill” would for sure be an understatement! The top musician had dressed to the occasion — a black dress bearing slits that left much of her thighs exposed to all persons that had attended the performance.

The top singer according to Hollywoodlife, is renowned globally for her hit “Love Don’t Cost a Thing.”In this particular event, it seems she had made up her mind about going commando. She looked hot and confident of herself.

J.Lo’s tanned and toned thighs are adored my many around the globe, and the fact that the gown was slashed all the way to the hips gave many something to reminisce.

This celebrity was envied by many for her golden, wavy locks. Some people could be heard in the back stage whispering that the musician’s body was so beautiful such that she did not even need to go for the best dress in the stores to stand out from the rest.

 However, one thing is true. This gown was just one of a kind giving her the look of a goddess straight from the heavens! It goes without saying that the dress will be remembered by most of those in attendance for a long time to come.

The baseball star towered over most of the people and was in a white outfit. He was the adoration to most of the ladies present. They looked amazing together. In fact one would be forgiven to assume that the celebrity couples were taking the whole experience as a date. It was a great moment for the two and also the fans. Later on their children joined them making the day a fantastic one.