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Megan Lowder Leaves Big Brother

Fans of Big brother were surprised by the absence of show member Megan Lowder who left the show amid accusations of an attack from a member of the show. The former navy member explained how she ended up in the hospital after being attacked in the house. The contestant who has a history of PTSD explained her ordeal in the house ensured that she couldn’t continue any longer.

Lowder explained that she entered the show with expectations to enjoy her entire summer on the show but these expectations were turned into disgust from her gruesome experience. She explained that while she was stationed in Norfolk she was sexually assaulted and suffered from PTSD. Thus, when different guys in the house started yelling at her past demons were awaking which left her in panic mode. She further explained that this panic led to a physical reaction which led to vomiting and restlessness.

Megan was verbally attacked by Josh Martinez for no apparent reason but he later apologizes. Also, Cody Nickson nominated her to go up on the block and stated that he did so just because he doesn’t like her. All of this would have been fair game if Megan was up to the task. But for a person coming from a background of PTSD it proved too much for the contestant to handle. She later claimed in the interview that she had no idea why she was attacked so viciously by her co-contestants.

Megan, responding to rumors that she was attacked because she made racist comments in the house said she only reported what she heard. She claimed the heard a contestant refer to another contestant as panda and she posted that online to but the perpetrator on blast.

She admitted that hearing this statement accelerated her exit from the show. She said, “I could have heard wrong, it’s entirely possible, but I was already talking to them about wanting to leave before…I couldn’t handle it anymore”

The show that has been characterized with similar incident in the past would continue without the former navy contestant. Fans of the show would however hope that this was only a bump in the road and not a recurring event.