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Kanya West Quits Tidal Amid Beef with Jay Z

American rapper Kanye West and Hip Hop mogul JayZ relationship seems to be less than rossy at this point as the stars are believed to not be on good terms in recent times. Yeezy and JayZ who released a joint album together in the past titled “watch the throne” had disagreements over Kanye’s involvement in the music streaming website ‘tidal’ formerly owned by jayz before he sold the business earlier this year.

The relationship between the two rape moguls has gone sour since Kim Kardashian got back from Paris after attack. The stars relationship has been on a steady decline ever since with allegations of infighting and dispute over terms of contract involving the two stars.

The dispute was escalated when JAY dropped 4:44 on June 30 and he went at Kanye in one of the songs on the album. Lines in the song were directed at Jay’s dissatisfaction with their relationship. This reportedly infuriated Kanye who Quit Tidal after this. There are also reports that Kanye is not hoping to sign any exclusive music streaming deal anytime in the future.

The Tidal angle is however not new as Kanye has complained in the past as to the quality of service he got from the music streaming site. After the release of his album “The Life of Pablo” last year Kanye’s deal with Tidal ensures that the album was exclusive to the site for one and half months, this according to Kanye is the reason for the record’s abysmal sales. Kanye also alleged that Jay owed him 3 million dollars from the sale of his album on the site.

A source close to Kanye explained that the rapper and husband of media celebrity Kim Kardashian would be releasing all his future material on multiple website to boost sales. Whether or not this was what led to Kanye’s negative review is dodgy as the star has not been firing on all cylinders in the music market for quite some time.

Jay Z recently released album reveals some details about the Brooklyn rapper’s personal life. Most importantly, is the fact that he cheated on his wife more than once. A revelation that has given the bee hives a lot to talk about in the past few days.