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Lena Dunham And Her Boyfriend Jack Antonoff Spotted Walking The Streets Despite The Recent Dog Drama

Lena Dunham, a top and renowned actor recently expressed her great disappointment citing that her former rescue dog Lamby had been exposed to abuse while under shelter staffers. The body has strongly denied those claims referring to them as baseless. The actor and her boyfriend Jack Antonoff have been spotted walking down the streets with their other pups, poodles Karen and Susan.

According to the People, Dunham had taken to The Tonight Show which usually features Jimmy Fallon to make an elaborate introduction of the now 1-year-old dogs .During this particular show, the top actor disclosed that Lamby was fond of California because of its associated West Coast lifestyle.

In June, Dunham took to Instagram to provide the explanation behind why Lamby had been missing from the social media arena. She said that Lamby had started showcasing challenging behavior and aggression in equal measures. She asserted that dog had been exposed to untold abuse. She outlined that she and the boyfriend loved the dog a huge deal.She added that whenever one loved something so much, it reached a point to make the difficult choice to let go.

Lamby meant so much to the celebrity couple and it was frustrating to watch him going through immense pain and suffering.

While recently addressing a number of top journalists, the celebrity said, “If Lamby had a bad past or was abused, do you think BARC would have adopted him to Lena knowing she’s a new star and put her — or the dog — in that situation? We would have told her if the dog had issues. We are a no-kill shelter. We don’t lie about the dogs’ histories because that gets them returned — and mentally it’s not good for the dogs.”

An emotional Lena Dunham has stated that in her life she was ready to commit any amount of money to see to it that the dog lived in the best surroundings and conditions. She defended herself and her boyfriend saying that they had no ill motives towards anyone or any given body.