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Emma Stone Discloses That Her Male Co-Stars Were Compelled To Take Pay-Cuts So That She Could Be In Parity With Them

It would be illogical to turn a blind eye on gender equality and inclusion as one of the matters that has been affecting society over the years. The same matter has come up again and this time around it involves Emma Stone who according to some trusted sources will be playing the icon Billie Jean King in a movie that will be unveiled soon by the name Battle of the Sexes. The celebrity will be co-starring with Andrea Riseborough and a top magazine has disclosed the perspectives of the two regarding gender equality and inclusion.

The new film pays major focus to King’s match with Bobby Riggs and it is important to outline that King advocates for equal prize money for men and women. Stone on the other hand still maintains the stand that equal pay for equal work done hasn’t yet been embraced by the industry as well as by the other sectors in the society according to Hollywoodreporter.

While recently speaking to a number of top news reporters, stone said, “At our best right now we’re making 80 cents to the dollar. In Hollywood it’s a difficult system because it depends on the kinds of films you’re a part of, the size of your role, how much the movies make at the box office. And so much of that changes your pay throughout your career, so I go more to the blanket issue that women, in general, are making four fifths at best.”

King added that things were even much worse for the black or Latina women because their pay was even lower in relation to that of the whites. It is a vice that she believes needs to be uprooted and the industry to take up more modernistic ways in dealing with people by giving equal rights to persons from across the divide.

Emma Stone has revealed that at times in the course of her career, her male co-stars were compelled to take pay cuts in a bid to be in parity with her. The matter has been voiced several times but the industry doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it. Whatever the future brings is something that we just have to wait and see.