World’s Ugliest Dog Contest Sees Judges Crown Martha The Winner

Every year, a contest is held to determine the World’s Ugliest Dog. This year’s competition was dominated by the old, the tiny, and the hairless. It was in this contest that the 3-year-old, 125-pound Neapolitan Mastiff according to sources took advantage of her lollygagging youth to trample its rivals to be named the 29th annual World’s Ugliest Dog.

The Northern California crowd from the start showed much adoration for her right from the start. It was plopping down on her side on stage and anyone present couldn’t help but notice her droopy face spread across the ground during a moment when everyone expected her to be doing a show off. The biggest shock of the whole contest was the fact that the judge really didn’t need to hearken to her signature snore to give her what they thought she deserved-the annual reward.

One of three judges who gave Martha the crown was called Kerry Sanders and is an employee of NBC News. With a broad smile and facing Martha she posed the question, “Do you know you just won the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest?”Martha’s handler by the name was quick to respond on behalf of Martha saying that she would gloat but at the moment she needed a nap.

Reportedly, it is said that Martha lumbered away with $1,500, which as a matter of fact happens to be quite a flashy trophy. Asides from this, she also landed a trip to New York for media appearances and of course who doesn’t know she never cared for any of this?

Moe was 16 years old and he clinched the second position. He was the oldest in the whole of this contest. Moe lost his hearing and ability as well as his ability to see long ago. However, he was lucky to maintain quite a strong sense of smell.

The judges in the contest according to were making their judgments in regards to first impressions, personality, unusual attributes and above all the audience reaction. A large number of the participating contestants were adopted. Some had acne and other had tongues permanently sticking out but in the contest these were important to get a win.