Meek Mill Gives Brotherly Advice To The Average Black-American Young Man

It is once again another single from Meek Mill and this time around he has a word of advice for the black Americans. He is advising them on the great need for them to be cautious in their decision-making. The celebrity understands that any decision could culminate into some life -altering impact and doesn’t want the blacks to reap the bitter consequences of poor decision making.

For anyone that has had the opportunity to watch the video for “YBA” one thing is quite evident-it has imagery to the brim. Meek seems focused on hitting upon a wide array of familiar themes for anyone who has keenly listened to the song. According to him, the kids of the current time all want to focus on “rap and hoop.”

According to, he doesn’t believe this is the right way to go. He advices them to instead focus on the more traditional career paths such as getting a proper education to become a lawyer. Meek also condemns the idea of settling for the fake friends as well as those persons deeply focused on flexing for the ‘Gram.

Throughout the video, he is depicted as doing all he can to share all this wisdom with a young man growing up in a tough neighborhood. He believes in empowering such a man so that he can grow to become the best version of himself.

Crime and violence have become the order of the day in the world we are currently living leading to destroyed lives and even deaths. The celebrity urges the young man to take time and contemplate on matters. He is keen to depict himself as the big brother that actually made it from the bottom to the top and wishes the young in the society all the best. By sharing his wisdom with the young generation, the star believes he will be contributing to making the world a better place for everyone.

It seems to be a new trend in the rap industry. Some are coming out strongly to advice the world contrary to some time back when most of them focused on bragging and promoting crime.

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